Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogging Perspective

When I entered the world of Blogging, I was proud of myself for wanting to pour out what is really on my heart or mind like it was some kind of confessional.  But I've come to find that I am not as innovative or original like some other bloggers out there.  Which immediately makes me a little self conscious or takes me back to those days as a junior high kid who wasn't cool enough to do all the other stuff that all the other boys could do (I could suck my stomach in so far that I could touch my spine!).

I guess it's just weird to me how little things like a blog can make you think about yourself how you stack up against other people.  It's stupid really.  I've sat many times at my computer trying to figure out something cool to write about.  Lame, I know.  Don't judge.
But then again, here I am pouring out my thoughts.  What a conundrum.  
I love blogging and I think I've learned a little about myself in the process.  I'm putting my thoughts out there just as I am.  I can't pretend to be a poet or try and act like I live the most fascinating life.  I mean, I live in Quapaw, OK.  No offense fellow Quapawnians (Go Tigers!).
I honestly don't even know if anyone reads this.  I'd like to think that people check it weekly to see what's going on in my life, but that would be a wee bit pretentious of me.  Maybe I'll just do it for the sake of doing it.  
I hope you don't want to stab yourself in the eyes after reading this.  If you do/did, seek immediate medical help.


Courtney Hope said...

I read it! Come on- if you stop writing, what are lame-o's like me going to do with my down time?

JSMcGuire said...

You are bookmarked my brother! I always snoop to see what you're up to and you are are very entertaining. :) Keep blogging!!! Love you!

growingfreely said...

i laugh. i cry. i read. seriously...keep writing. it's the way to keep up w/ your oklahomie self.

jammeshia said...

hey Mikey! I read your blog!!

Allen & Julie Hynes said...

Hey Michael! I've been reading your blog and hope you continue. It's the only way I know what you are going through. ~ Jules

Pappa Hess said...

I read it too! Guess you didn't see that one coming.