Sunday, April 13, 2008

Miami Mike turns 45 earlier than expected!!!!

Howdy folks, it's time for another rousing rendition of Tales from Oklahoma.  These Tales gives you a taste of what its like to live in the Okie State.

As many of you know, I switched my Driver's License over to an Okie license but in the process, got a little more than i paid for ($22.50 by the way for a license).  After having it only a week, it was brought to my attention by some amazing colleagues down in East Texas that my birth date was wrong.  I thought they were messing with me, but alas, they were not and the birth date they listed for me was August 11, 1962.
If you're like me, you did the obvious thing and went back to the Drivers License Office and told them about all the Hullabaloo.  Here's an account of what went down between me and the four Ladies behind the counter:
Me: Howdy Ladies, my name is Mike and I seem to have a problem with my Driver's License.
The Ladies: Well, what seems to be the problem sir?
Me: Well, it says here on my drivers license that I was born in 1962.  (a few moments of awkward silence and confusion ensued)
The Ladies: So what's wrong?
Me: Well Ma'am, I'm not 45.  I'm only 25.  (more awkward silence)
The Ladies: Well, what do you want us to?
Me (very calmly): Give me a new Driver's License
The Ladies: We can't do that here
Me: But this is where I got it in the first place
The Ladies: Yes, but if the system has you down as a 45 year old man, then you have to go to a Sheriff on either a Tuesday or Wednesday and get it worked out there (It is Monday).
Me: Why a Sheriff, this is the Driver's License Office?
The Ladies: Because it's illegal to access information from people's files.
Me: You don't have to access anything, I can prove right here and now that I'm only 25 (I preceded to show them 2 old driver licenses, a birth certificate, and an old military ID)
The Ladies: We can't accept those documents, they've all expired and the Birth Certificate is a copy, not the original.
Me (becoming a little more frustrated): Yes Ma'am, a copy of the original, which states my birthday along with every single source I've shown you.
The Ladies (becoming a little upset with me): I'm sorry Honey, there's nothing we can do here.
Me: Well what if I can't make it over to the Sheriff's tomorrow or Wednesday?
The Ladies: I'd drive really careful because if you get pulled over, they could arrest you.
Me (obviously frustrated): I would get arrested because a small error like this?  
The Ladies: Yes Sir, it's a big deal to have false information on your ID.
Me (beyond frustrated and staring at the ceiling knowing that no matter what I said, they wouldn't budge): Don't you think this whole thing is a bit silly?
The Ladies: Yes Sir, but it's Oklahoma.
Me: Does everything happen like this in Oklahoma (I kind of wished I hadn't said that)
The Ladies (cheerfully I might add): Yep.
Me: Well let's hope I don't get arrested in the next week or two.
The Ladies: Good luck!
God Bless Oklahoma and its many servants.

Monday, April 7, 2008

How Much Does Music Influence You?

So while I was driving today, I decided to turn off the iPod (sorry Apple) and check out the local flavors of AM/FM radio.  While scanning the waves, I came upon a Christian Soft Rock station that immediately made me want to change it because I don't really get into that kind of stuff.  Now, don't get me wrong, I love Relient K, Shawn Mcdonald, Souldancefree, David Crowder, etc.  But much of the "Christian" music today and of years past just seems really cheesy and cookie cutter.  So, while looking for a new radio station, I stopped at one playing some old school Third Eye Blind, one of my favorite bands.  And it occurred to me that I switched from a song about Jesus to a song about crystal meth and was not at all phased by it.  

Does this make me a bad person?  Of course not, I get that.  
Or how about this: I went to church this past weekend and the pastor asked the congregation what they surround themselves with; do they watch R movies, listen to "bad" music, hang out with trouble makers, drink, etc.  To me, that sounds more like, "Are you building a bubble so that nothing can come in and get you?"  I don't want to live like that personally.  I think it stems from the notion that people think what you listen to or watch is what you will become.  So if I watch a R movie I will go on a killing spree or go to strip clubs (not that all the R movies I watch pertain to that by the way, just an example!).
I believe this is more so related to maturity and self awareness.  Now, I know I am not the poster child for maturity, but I'm not going to let a song or movie or beverage control me or what I can become.  I understand it happens though, which is why I heard that sermon on why I should rid myself of all that stuff.  But why can't Christians understand why some of us can hear a non-Christian song and be okay with it?  Or drink a beer and not become a drunk and so on and so forth?
I honestly left church feeling a little bit guilty because when the pastor went off on that rant of things you shouldn't do, I might have been the only one in the 1,000 seat auditorium not nodding my head in agreement.
I don't consider myself a rebel, but I kind of felt like one that Sunday.  Anyone have any thoughts?

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Miami Mike gets domesticated

Well, I did it.  I went furniture shopping today for my house I'm about to move in to.  I feel like I aged 10 years by looking at bedroom sets and desks and living room sets all day, but its necessary considering I own absolutely zero pieces of furniture.  So I sold my young soul and became a Yuppie.  Is that bad?

Here's what I got.......

Queen size bed (pillow top suckas!)
Sleigh Bed frame
End Tables
Coffee Table

Now, I obviously didn't buy all this.  I'll pay it off over the next years.  It felt so weird doing all this as I constantly called my parents to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off.  But the good news is I am finally growing up and will have nice stuff.  I'm used to cinder block tables and single beds that just lay on the floor.

Now obviously, this will probably all be thrown out when I get married.........if I get married.  But for now, I like it.  

Is this lame that I spent a good 7 hours looking at furniture today?