Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Miami Mike gets domesticated

Well, I did it.  I went furniture shopping today for my house I'm about to move in to.  I feel like I aged 10 years by looking at bedroom sets and desks and living room sets all day, but its necessary considering I own absolutely zero pieces of furniture.  So I sold my young soul and became a Yuppie.  Is that bad?

Here's what I got.......

Queen size bed (pillow top suckas!)
Sleigh Bed frame
End Tables
Coffee Table

Now, I obviously didn't buy all this.  I'll pay it off over the next years.  It felt so weird doing all this as I constantly called my parents to make sure I wasn't getting ripped off.  But the good news is I am finally growing up and will have nice stuff.  I'm used to cinder block tables and single beds that just lay on the floor.

Now obviously, this will probably all be thrown out when I get married.........if I get married.  But for now, I like it.  

Is this lame that I spent a good 7 hours looking at furniture today?


CourtneyHope said...

definitely NOT lame... I think it's a good step forward Mike... I'm proud.

Hey, and what the heck is a "sleigh" bed anyway??

Nick the Rabbler said...

wow. sleigh bed? that's crazy. Who are you? I always imagined you sleeping on a concrete block with concrete blankets and flint pillows. it's all different now.

david said...

1. Everyone knows that a sleigh bed is the kind of bed that can also double as mode of transportation across snow, ice, or fine sand (in a pinch). It's for travelling in your dreams. Duh Courtney.

2. I miss you too. I'm not ashamed of it. I MISS YOU AND I DON'T CARE WHO KNOWS IT!

Alex said...

Mike I am so proud of you!!! No more couches in stadium seating on cinderblocks I assume?