Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bedside Tables Poll

What the heck do I put in a Bedside Table?

I just recently bought some pretty nice furniture and thought I was all grown up until I came to this conundrum. I feel like an idiot with these nice matching tables and yet, I don't do anything with them.

If you know anything about me, I love to be efficient and everytime I see them, I hate myself for buying them because they don't do anything for me. All I use them for is setting my clock and phone on at night. In my ridiculous mindset, something has to be done about this. I thought about putting a Bible in there but then thought it was stupid because I felt like I was a Gideon trying to fill a hotel full of the Good Book.

So here's my idea: You tell me what to put in there.

I'll let whoever responds to this post figure out this dilemma. Now, let's be reasonable here kids. I'm not stuffing a gorilla or something stupid in there. But give me some suggestions here.

It's killing me.

Help a brotha out.


Lane Davis said...

i need dimensions sir. or e-mail me a picture.

dont blink. said...

haha ok bible/journal is a good start. I put all our checks and stuff in ours...just so they are close to me! haha but really they are just for the alarm and phone...and maybe the occasional gorilla. i mean thats really what ive got.. haha

Alex said...

I have my Bible and journal in mine and a few other good books. I also have a lamp on top. That's all... miss you!

Joy And Java said...

Books, To-Do lists, Journal and pen... all conventional and good ideas!

If you'd rather be unconventional consider...
-- some midnight snacks (tee hee... love that food was my first thought)
-- prayer requests to look at at night/ in the morning
-- postage and envelopes - to write letters to anyone you think of when your havin' trouble thinking

Emily said...


REEDER said...

a weapon to protect yourself from all those crazy okies. a lamp. and my picture because you miss me sooo much! See you in a few weeks!

Mike said...

Lane, the bedside table has 3 drawers and is about 2.5 feet wide and about 3 feet tall.

Joy And Java said...

Hmm... I'm changing my comment... my first one is lame...

1) insulate one of the drawers and turn it into a mini-fridge. Everyone will be jeal.

2) Keep old toys from the 90s: like pogs, sock 'em boppers, slinkies, maybe a furby of tamagotchi in one drawer. That way, when new friends come over, you can really weird them out by asking, "Can you go grab my tamagotchi out of the second drawer? I think it needs to be electronically fed..."

3) Keep the book Pride & Prejudice by itself in the top drawer. When a lady comes over, you can suavely talk about how you love Jane Austen and then pull it out of the drawer. You will become quite the stud over night.

CourtneyHope said...

i second emily's suggestion. oh, and a bag of chili- cheese fritos (bc in my book you can't have one without the other...)

Shannon Kelly said...

1) your French/English word dictionary so you can learn new French words when you can't sleep.
(2) a picture of the Eiffel tower in black and white with the word "Paris" monogrammed into it (by the way...the word Monogram comes from 17th century French)
(3) a bamboo plant
(4) an available set of chopsticks to use when you are attacked with midnight hunger


you could showcase some of the things that mean the most to you... So that it's the first thing you see when you wake up and the last when you go to bed.

I keep a picture of my family before the split, a journal of quotes from my grandmother, my fav. book, and my ipod player.

and a picture of France (j/k)

david said...

oh genius post. this should relly be a chat forum... mr. extrovert.

I'm blogging about this on my own blog. totally stolen. love ya

John and Shari said...

a Glock 23 or Sig Sauer 228 would be my recommendation, you never know when a crazy Okie will play you a visit.