Monday, August 25, 2008

One of the Best Pranks Ever

Pranks, it's whats for dinner. It's what makes summer camp even that more amazing.....until it happens to you. Except in my case. You see, I went to Texas for a few days and saw the family, ate some delicious College Station cuisine, watched some Fightin Texas Aggie Football Practice, and relaxed to a point where I almost felt bored. Upon my return to Okieland, something just didn't seem right when I walked into my house. My walls, furniture, appliances, cabinets, knick knacks, etc. You get the point. EVERYTHING was covered. But covered in what you ask?

Post It Notes.
It literally took me about 3 minutes of just walking around my house to really take in the fact that everything I was looking at was covered in 3x3 inch Post It Notes. Just try and take that in for a second. After not saying a word for about 5 minutes, my phone rang and the culprits were laughing and reveling in their accomplishment. The culprits being Deborah Lovejoy and Taylor Self. Here are some numbers they gave me. It took them 3 days to post 10,000 Post It Notes around my house along with about 130 pictures that they hid around my house. The photos are the most random arrangement I have ever seen in my life and I must confess that I have looked hard and have only found about 93 so far, which means I will be finding these things for weeks to come. The last one I found was tucked in a pocket in my jeans at the bottom of my drawer. So they went all out. And it was truly amazing. I mean seriously, I am still blown away and this happened over a week ago. I haven't even made a dent in taking them down either. I started taking down the ones where I needed. For example, in order for me to sit down, I had to de-Post It Note my recliner. When I was hungry and wanted to cook, I had to de-Post It Note my stove and microwave. Ridiculous. And amazing at the same time.

So here's to you Deb and Taylor and all the other peeps that had a hand in this: Y'all got me good and it will literally stick with me for a while.

Here's some pics-
My Kitchen
My Living Room
My Coffee Table

Deborah doing her thingTaylor doing her thing


Alex said...

That's AWESOME! Props to them!