Monday, August 18, 2008


There are Seasons for everything.

Solomon mapped out virtually everything a person can go through over the course of their lives when he wrote Ecclesiastes. And he is still spot on to this day.

I happen to live through some seasons myself. Granted, the seasons I go through are pretty planned out in terms of what I expect. There's the Fall, Winter, and Springs Retreat Seasons.

And then there's the Summer Season. For the last 4 years of my life, I feel like most of my time is spent prepping for the Summer Season. Obviously, I work in a ministry dominated by kids craving the summer experience and churches seeking to unleash a week of fun and small group discussions. But then it ends. Just like that. Yesterday, it ended for me. For anyone who has ever worked at a summer camp, you know what I'm talking about. Reality hits when you drive away from camp. The reality that you won't have to eat the same food every week, clean the same dorms, work the same activity, lifeguard, share one bathroom for 10 people, etc. The list goes on and on.

But I can't just sit here and try and relive all memories I had. Of course I will keep up with everyone. But more importantly, this new season is an opportunity for me to try something new with my life. Here are some things I want to do in this Fall Season:

Build a deck for my house
Finally learn to play the guitar (already started this one, thanks to Taylor)
Run 5 miles on a consistent basis

So there it is. As somber as this time of the year is for me, I've got to recharge for the next Season of my life. If you have any suggestions for something else I can try and do, send them my way. I'm up for almost anything.


Alex said...

I know the feeling all to well! I will be very impressed if you build a deck! Let me know if you want any recipes.

Courtney Hope said...

You should.... learn to knit...

and then you should get yourself back down here to see us:)

EJ said...

YAY! Guitar! :)

Welcome back to the blogosphere.