Thursday, February 5, 2009

Miami Mike's on the move.......

To Europe baby!!!!  My gracious boss let me loose for about 12 days so I'm hopping on  a plane and taking in London, Rome, and Paris.  Freakin Booyah, I know.

I'm in the process of planning the trip right now so I can be organized and really take in as much as possible.
Any suggestions, good people of the internet?  Do tell!


Sarah Foster said...


Take the bear essentials as far as clothes is concerned esp. since you are traveling so much. It will be a huge pain to lug heavy luggage on trains, small buses,etc. Also, take a big memory card for your camera. Borrow a friend's if you need too...Lastly, do not exchange $ at the atm's in the airport...they have a lower exchange rate than if you just take your debit card to a little atm somewhere over there...(at least that is how it was for me last year...) HAVE FUN!

Courtney Hope said...

CINQUE TERRE (sp?) Go there- it's off the coast of italy and was my absolutely favorite spot... worth the trip if you can do it.

Mike said...

Thanks for the ideas! they sound great!

Alex said...

- Easiest way to see everything is taking a "Hop-on, Hop-off" double decker bus. There are a few different routes but you can see everything big in the city. You pay like $15-20 and have 24 hr access to the bus, so you can get on a off and spend more time at certain locations if you want.
- Go up the London Eye... the view is incredible!
- If you are going to watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, either get there early enough to be at the fence, or try to stand up high on center things so you can see over everyone
- If you can get up to Oxford for the day, GO!

- Tour the Vatican and Colosseum
- If you see a church that is open, go in. Chances are there is some famous sculpture in it... Michaelangelo, etc.
- Eat in one of the Piazza's for a meal every day. There are usually local musicians playing. (Make sure you always ask for still water, not sparkling)
- Eat Gelato every chance you get!

- Take a 1/2 day/day trip to Palace of Versailles
- Eat Crepes galore!
- Go up the Eiffle Tower just before sunset... its a beautiful site to see the sun set over the city and then see the city lights
- They also have "hop-on, hop-off" buses like London
- Go to the Louvre, but don't spend a whole day there. It's huge, but the big name things are all in the same general area.

I'm so jealous you get to go! They are all very fun and beautiful cities in their own right. Be safe! Can't wait to hear all about it!

John said...

can't wait to see you bro, we'll hit up a few pubs in London before you head off for Rome and Paris. wish you could see us in Sacile, we could hit up some skiing for a day before you took off again.

Shannon said...

when are you going???!!!!